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Girls & Women

Meet Areeba, a Pakistani girl who dreams of being a diplomat

Areeba is a 16 year old girl studying at Dawood Public School, an all girls’ school in Karachi, Pakistan. An avid reader of politics and international relations, she dreams of becoming a diplomat, a profession that few women take on in her country.

“I want to be a diplomat so I can resolve my country’s issues through dialogue and creative problem solving. I want to represent Pakistan in a way that people fall in love with it,” said Areeba in the video above by CHIME FOR CHANGE.

There are many girls like Areeba who are career-driven and have great ambitions. The problem is they won’t have the opportunity to do so without an education.

In Pakistan, only 26 percent of women are literate. Societal and religious pressures prevent many families from educating their daughters. In the last 6 years alone, Islamic militants have attacked more than 600 schools across the country, forcing thousands of children, particularly girls, to stay at home.

To create awareness of the importance of girls education, Academy award-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has partnered with CHIME FOR CHANGE  to profile highly talented and inspirational girls who want to pursue various careers.

CHIME FOR CHANGE is a global movement aimed at strengthening voices speaking out to promote justice, health and education for girls and women.

When girls have the chance to get an education, it empowers them and creates a positive effect on their families and communities. Educated women can better provide for their families, tend to have fewer children, and are more informed about preventative health measures.

Areeba, and all girls, deserve a quality education so they have a chance to to reach their dreams. Watch the video above to learn more about Areeba’s dream and read up on CHIME FOR CHANGE’s campaign here.