Just hours after US President Trump signed an executive order stopping all refugees from enterting the US for at least 90 days, large crowds gathered at JFK airport in New York City and others around the country to protest.

What started as a small group of people with signs at the New York City travel hub soon swelled to hundreds of people swarming the driveways and parking garages. Tweeted photos and videos showed how the protest grew throughout the day Saturday. People held signs reading "No Ban, No Wall," "Real Christians Don't Ban Muslims," "Not On Our Watch," and "We Will Love & Protect Each Other." 

Reports soon came out of similar protests happening at airports across the US include San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, and L.A.

TAKE ACTION: Reverse President Trump’s Executive Order to Ban Refugees

The executive order was implemented immediately after Trump signed it Friday afternoon, meaning that valid visa holders from certain countries and people who had cleared the refugee process were detained or turned away when they landed at JFK airport.

Some people were detained at the airport for long hours. Finally Saturday evening a federal judge ordered a stay of a portion of the executive order, which allowed people who had already arrived at the airport who had valid green cards to enter.


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Massive Protests Erupt at Airports After Trump's Refugee Executive Order

By Cassie Carothers