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These Are the Most Inspiring Signs from the March for Science

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From the United States to South Africa to Germany, people around the world took the streets in support of science on Saturday.

The second-annual March for Science saw people in over 200 cities around the world turn out to advocate for science-backed policies and actions, according to the Verge

The inaugural march took place last year on Earth Day and was largely a reaction to the Trump administration’s policies and proposals, including threats of budget cuts for scientific research, the silencing of environmental scientists, and the president’s comments about the effectiveness of vaccines.

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Global Citizen campaigns in support of access to education, healthcare, and climate action — all of which rely on the work of scientists and researchers. You can take action here to call for support to end polio.

Though this year’s attendance was lower than last year, people’s signs were no less witty or creative.

These are some of the best signs from this year’s March for Science.

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