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This British Rapper Kicked a Male Fan Out of His Show For Being Sexist

John Lubbock

Loyle Carner is a Mercury Prize-nominated rapper, poet, and occasional chef from South London, and his gigs are often exactly like the man himself: inclusive, vibey, and uplifting.

So when a fan started shouting misogynistic comments about Elisa Imperilee, one half of his support act Elisa & Srigala, he decided enough was enough.

"I'm sorry man, you gotta a learn a lesson,” he told the heckler at Sunday night’s gig. “You gotta go. For being sexist, you gotta go.”

The crowd cheered loudly as the rapper pointed the offender out to security, saying “that s*** will not be tolerated at any show”. Later, he confirmed that the man was banned from the venue for life — sending a powerful message that sexism will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Carner was about to perform at the University of East Anglia when the altercation took place. The university told BBC Newsbeat that it has a "zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment" and will "take action" on the matter.

The rapper was widely praised for making a stand against sexism.

But it’s not the first time has fought for equality in music.

British rap has reached a zenith in pop culture as grime — a genre often dominated by men who write music about women — has started to dominate commercial radio. But Carner is different: the women on his debut album Yesterday’s Gone are not objectified in any way. In “Florence” he imagines cooking bacon with an imaginary younger sister, and at a packed-out Glastonbury set he brought his mother on stage to give her “the cheer she deserves”. It’s even his profile picture on Facebook.

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Earlier this year, the frontman of Architects, a British heavy rock band, called out a fan at a show in the Netherlands for a similar incident. Singer Sam Carter saw a fan “grab at (a woman’s) boob”, and stopped the show to demand the man leave immediately.

“It is not your f---ing body,” Carter told the crowd. “It is not your f---ing body and you do not f---ing grab at someone. Not at my f---ing show.”

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