Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes, known for rocking her braids and debating body shaming in the House of Commons, wrote a letter for Black History Month on Huffington Post entitled "Dear Sisters, I See You: A Love Letter To Black Women."

“I know that it has been a while since I last spoke to you,” the letter starts.

It goes on to explain that she has been busy raising a family and moving forward in her career.

“Now, I know what you are thinking: "Well, Celina. We have all been busy, and yet some of us still attended the community meetings and gatherings." Yes, I know. And that is why we (I) owe you a debt of gratitude. You stayed connected, where I did not. You sacrificed your energy, time and spirit, and we (I) owe you,” the letter reads.

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“That is why I am writing. To tell you that even though we may have been distant, and I may seem far away, I love you and #ISeeYou,” she wrote.

Caesar-Chavannes’ letter goes on to say that she has tried to include black women in her policy work, in any way she can. She listed references to mental health issues, micro-aggressions and the truth that body shaming can take shape in many different ways.

She acknowledged that she may not be working as fast as some people expect or want, but she is trying her best.

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She writes this letter to elders, to mothers, to wives. She addressed “corporate hustlers,” entrepreneurs, activists and protesters, too.

“Yes, I am speaking to you, Black Lives Matter TO, and others like you. You. Doing what this democracy affords you the freedom to do, yet you are met with hate and resistance. You with your brilliant minds and passionate hearts; you who know your history, have done your research; you who occupy and protest not just for the Black community, but for Indigenous rights, LGBTQ2 rights and, simply put, human rights,” she said.

She addressed journalists, policy advisers, news anchors, bloggers, and deliverers that hold her accountable for her work.

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She spoke, too, to historians, educators, authors, and book store owners, who record and preserve history for the future generations.

In short, Caesar-Chavannes speaks to all of her sisters in this powerful letter.

“My sisters, in the face of so much, you rise, and I see you. I see your brilliance and courage and unconditional love,” the letter said.

“I see you and the beautiful skin you're in — black velvet, dark chocolate, jamocha almond, caramel latte (with a sprinkle of freckle) and all the melanin-rich shades in between that, kissed by the light, shine more brightly than the sun.”

You can read the letter in full here.

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A Canadian MP Wrote a Love Letter to Black Women and It’s Great

By Jackie Marchildon