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Louboutins step forward for diversity with 7 shades of “nude” shoes

Twitter: @WhoWhatWear

Christian Louboutin is introducing a “platform” that’s a little more diverse that what the brand has offered in the past.


Diversity in the fashion industry has long been a problem and prevailing trends have influenced girls and women to strive to unrealistic standards of beauty. Once in a while, though, inspirational faces of diversity shine through and change the landscape, such as Madeline Stewart a professional model with Down Syndrome who stunned at NYFW this year. Or Laxmi Saa who was the victim of an acid attack as a teenager and now is the face of fashion and courage in India.

This season Louboutin adds one more step for diversity and many happy steps for women without the “typical” nude skintone.

This is a big deal coming from a fashion icon such as Louboutin--it really sends the message that diversity matters in high fashion.

The fashion label initially released heels in five shades of nude in 2013, but many prospective customers were frustrated because their skin tones weren't covered. So the expansion to 7 shades tried to make sure everyone could select a shade that fit them.

Plus, these shades are also available for flats! Way more comfortable and convenient, in my opinion.

The fact that this is receiving so much attention also highlights how much further the fashion industry has to go to represent all people. There are many other products that are “nude” or "flesh" colored but that really only come in one color.

It’s not just the fashion industry, Band-Aid companies only recently began providing skincare support in more than one skin color.

There are whole make-up companies whose product revolve around skin-lightening. Fortunately women are pushing back against this type of “beauty treatment.” Check out this article about the #UnfairAndLovely campaign.

However, the many brands are beginning to realize the importance of diversity and global citizens everywhere are pressuring them to change. Hopefully in the years to come, all people will be able to find products that are appropriately shaded.

For now, thanks to Louboutin for adding a true range of nude to its Spring shoe collection!