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Liverpool Cabbies Covered Their Taxis in Balloons for This Very Good Reason

Andrew Macpherson

A group of Liverpudlian taxi drivers have shown that it’s true, not all heroes wear capes. 

The 30 drivers took time off work so they could drive children in care from Liverpool to Southport for a day out at the city’s Pleasureland amusement park. 

Before driving in convoy, they decorated their taxis with balloons so the children could travel in style, reported the Liverpool Echo

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But this isn’t the first time they’ve set such a fine example. In fact, they’ve been doing this every summer for 30 years. 

And they did something similar earlier this month for a group of blind and partially-sighted children, taking them for a day out in New Brighton, Merseyside.

One of the taxi drivers Bryce McNiven, 51, told the Liverpool Echo: “It’s something we all really enjoy doing, we love seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces.”

Liverpudlian taxi drivers have been attracting a lot of praise this year for going above and beyond the call of duty.

In May, they grouped together to drive to Manchester Arena after the terror attack, to help bring people who had been stranded back home. 

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In the wake of the attack, they drove a convoy to Manchester to lay flowers in tribute to those killed and injured; and then they offered to take those affected by the attack free of charge to the One Love Manchester tribute gig.