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In their latest music video, Little Mix pushes back on stereotypes, showing their fans that a woman can be anything she wants and isn’t restricted to a handful of traditional roles. Challenging harmful gender stereotypes is a key part of advancing gender equality. You can take action here to empower women and girls around the world.

British girl group Little Mix’s music video for their latest single, “Woman Like Me,” has a not-so-subtle message for the world: Women do not need to conform to your standards. 

The video, released on Friday, shows the girls in a finishing school learning to balance books on their heads, practice perfect posture while seated, sip soup politely, and perform “women’s chores” like ironing and vacuuming – but the girls soon flip this message on its head. 

The group assumes “unladylike” positions more commonly referred to as “manspreading” and chews with their mouths open.

Both in its lyrics and video, “Woman Like Me,” which features rapper Nicki Minaj, pushes back against all the things girls are told they should or should not be  — outspoken, insecure, sexually forward, “trouble.”

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Where the song asks, “Could you fall for a woman like me?” the message the girls send in their music video is that they actually don’t care if you could or not, they’re still going to be themselves.

Delighted fans have been posting their reactions to the music video on social media and praising Little Mix for challenging stereotypes.


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Little Mix and Nicki Minaj's New Music Video Has a Bold Message for the Patriarchy

By Daniele Selby  and  Carmen Singer