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Let’s encourage Australian leadership to continue to fight for the Global Goals

Last year the Abbott government announced significant cuts to Australia’s foreign aid program.  This decision, reflected in the 2015-16 Budget, means that Australia is slashing $1.6 billion USD from the 2013 aid level, bringing the total down to $4 billion USD.

Research conducted by the Development Policy Center at Australian National University, concluded that Australia’s declining aid expenditure is at odds with the aid trajectories other OECD countries are following. This a really big deal as Australia is now considered to be one of the least generous donor countries.

However, the recent change in leadership as covered by my colleague last month, does indicate there is room for progress towards securing increased financial and political support in developing nations. The new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has previously shown strong support for the Australian aid program and it did not go unnoticed that when announcing his new ministry he included a new Minister for International Development.

Turnbull is now presented with an opportunity to rethink--and revese--budget cuts.

Following the momentum from the adoption of the Global Goals in September, it’s important that world leaders continue to advocate for the elimination of global poverty and inequality. The video above features the following Australian Members of Parliament and Senators discussing the Global Goals that they are most passionate about.


Australian Senator Lisa Singh
  • Global Goal #16: Peace and Justice - which is focused on providing access to justice for all and inclusive institutions at all levels.

The Honorable Dr. Dennis Jenson MP
  • Global Goal #8: Decent Jobs and Economic Growth - promotes sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth. It is important that full and productive employment is achievable for all.

Australian Senator Chris Beck
  • Global Goal #3: Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages - especially for children and women. “That we have the best opportunity for children, particularly as it relates to their nutrition and of course to their capacity to survive.”

Australian Senator the Honorable Joel Fitzgibbon
  •  Global Goal #2: Zero hunger - As the Australian Labor Party’s Agriculture spokesperson, Fitzgibbon commits to supporting the World Food Programme in order to promote nutrition and achieve food security.

To achieve the Global Goals by 2030, global citizens need to encourage Australian leaders to promote more sustainable development for all.