It’s time to Beat Extreme Poverty! To do that, Global Citizen is partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and FC Barcelona.

Yes, FC Barcelona, the international sports juggernaut with more members than any other football club in the world is bringing through its Foundation their winning ways to the effort to Beat Extreme Poverty.

This initiative is aimed at making sure millions of people around the world are empowered to take action to end extreme poverty.

“We want to tap into the remarkable generosity we see in the world by sharing information about these issues and ways people can help,” said Tom Scott, Director of Brand and Campaigns at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “The commitment of FC Barcelona and its players to issues affecting the world’s poorest is impressive and embodies the philosophy that FC Barcelona is ‘more than a club’. After a season of unprecedented success on the pitch we are excited to be partnering with the club off it to engage with their fans and have them join us in becoming global Citizens.”

The partnership of these three giants is a perfect fit in 2015, as world leaders are planning the next 15 years of international development through the Global Goals. These goals will set targets for nations and citizens to accomplish to end extreme poverty by 2030. And through the support of global citizens like FC Barcelona’s massive fanbase, ending extreme poverty by 2030 can become a reality.

Beat Extreme Poverty is a partnership that can shape a better future for all.

Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans said, “Sport is one of the most unifying experiences in the world and we look forward to partnering to engage and motivate hundreds of millions of F.C.B. fans as we unite to beat extreme poverty.” He also called FC Barcelona “more than a football team, they are a global phenomenon.”

A global phenomenon for sure. Just like the phenomenon of engaged global citizens. The number around the world is growing, now add to the ranks the masters of Football (soccer if you’re from the US) at FC Barcelona and its passionate fans and this movement is destined for a victory.

Click here to find out more about this partnership and the initiative to Beat Extreme Poverty. Never forget that your actions can end extreme poverty.


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