Leonardo DiCaprio is making every 90’s child’s dream come true: he’s producing a Captain Planet movie.

“Looting and polluting is not the way, hear what Captain Planet has to say,” chimes the theme song of the 1990s cartoon, “Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” Today, we’re all ears and ready to hear more about DiCaprio’s plans to turn the classic environmental TV series of the past into a feature film.

The rumored plot mirrors DiCaprio’s real-world struggle to generate interest in keeping the planet clean and healthy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the big screen version will be penned by Jono Matt and Glen Powell, of the witty satirical TV series “Scream Queens,” and produced by DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions and Paramount pending approval on the rights of the cartoon.

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The film will potentially tell the story of a Captain Planet looking to redeem his popularity with “the Planeteers.” Remember those kids who put their collective powers together in ring form to bring Captain Planet about to save the eco-disaster at hand in each episode?

Apparently, in the film the Planeteers have decided he’s “washed-up,” but Captain Planet needs them to believe in him to fight “environmental evils.”

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It’s a very different angle from DiCaprio’s last environmental undertaking, the documentary, “Before the Flood” where he toured the policy and activist side of the fight against climate change. Still, the take-home message may not be all that different: we are all responsible for our own actions when it comes to climate change.

“It’s undeniably potent in its ability to redirect us towards our own responsibility,” saidThe Muse of “Before the Flood.”

DiCaprio’s commitment to the environment in work like "Captain Planet," his documentaries, and stunning imagery in films like “The Revenant” might just be enough to wake up the world to take climate action. We know some countries and making this a priority, now it’s up the rest of the us.



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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Producing a “Captain Planet” Movie

By Meghan Werft