Why Global Citizens Should Care
Laughing Man® Coffee is helping to alleviate poverty by empowering communities through Fair Trade farming and supporting farmers and their families to improve their homes, access higher education, and achieve their dreams. Laughing Man® Coffee now comes in recyclable K-Cup® pods, which also help protect the planet. Global Citizen campaigns to achieve the Global Goals and you can join us here to be part of the generation to end extreme poverty.

“Sustainability is something I have been passionate about my whole life,” actor Hugh Jackman told the crowd at the 2018 Global Citizen Festival on Sept. 29.

After going on a trip to Ethiopia in 2009, Jackman also became passionate about fair trade coffee. On this trip, he met a coffee farmer named Dukale, who profoundly touched him and to whom he made a promise: to do whatever he could to help improve the lives of coffee farmers by sharing their fair trade coffees with the world.

That encounter led Jackman to co-found Laughing Man® Coffee and on stage at this year’s Global Citizen Festival, the Academy Award nominee announced that Laughing Man® Coffee, now comes in recyclable K-Cup® pods — effectively merging his two passions.

Take Action: Promote Recycling & Sustainability

“I’m also very proud to say that all our K-Cup® pods are recyclable, which means we go one step further by guaranteeing that a better life for coffee farmers means a more sustainable world for all of us. Plastics reduction is one of the most pressing issues of our time,” Jackman said.

In addition to purchasing Fair Trade coffee beans, Laughing Man® Coffee also supports coffee formers through the Laughing Man Foundation.  This past year, the Laughing Man Foundation supported farmers in Huila, Colombia, providing 40 college scholarships and funding to improve 100 homes, according to the foundation’s website.


Defend the Planet

Hugh Jackman Encourages Global Citizens to Enjoy a Cup of Joe and Recycle