“Pinksourcing. Pretty, cheap labor” is a spoof company’s slogan highlighting the gender pay gap in the U.S. — an issue many celebrities in Hollywood have spoken out about recently.

The video stars Kristen Bell who is hilarious in the satirical ad urging companies to “pinksource,” aka hire women, instead of outsourcing for cheaper labor. The video already has over 4.5M views on Facebook after being posted Wednesday.

In the video, Bell is a saleswoman advertising all the ways US companies can benefit from paying women less than their male counterpart. She’s joking, of course — but the video does address the not-so-funny issue that women in the US and a whole host of other countries face when it comes to large gender pay gaps.

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Highlights from the video also touch on increased pay gap for women of color, companies refusing to pay for family planning services like birth control (a fight that took the Obama administration a year to clear up), and lack of maternal leave options in the workplace.

Bonus, this office appears to have free tampons, which is why women show up to work anyway, right?

“After all, women don’t even really want to be working anyway. They’d rather be home taking care the family while their husband gets to make life choices, follow his dreams and play fantasy football,” Bell says in closing, before one more pitch for “Pinksourcing.”

The video is the first in a 10-week series on issues celebrities care about — #CelebsHaveIssues. We can’t wait to see what other issues come out next, and hope this video leads to more action to create a gender equal world.

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Kristen Bell Perfectly Mocks the Gender Pay Gap in Hilarious Video

By Meghan Werft