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These soccer kids are selling gear and shoveling snow to help refugees play

There's a group of kids in Maryland who have developed a transformative version of soccer. The rules of the on-field game are the same, but off the field, they channel their passion for soccer into doing good. 

They call themselves SoccerServe and in the past they've raised $2,800 for the homeless in DC. Their latest project is called the "Soccer Gear Challenge" and it's all about helping kids in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan play soccer (or football). Each SoccerServer identified a favorite piece of gear and then promised to raise the cost of the item.

Some of the kids shoveled snow to earn money. One kid made fun little stuffed creatures and hackey sacks to sell. Another kid sold a favorite jersey.

In the end, the boys exceeded their goal and raised $1,200. They used the money to buy soccer gear -- cleats, jerseys, shoes, socks, balls and goals (and sun caps for spectators) for kids at the Azraq camp.

The most impressive part of their service, however, is their compassion. All over the wealthy world, kids are reminded "how lucky they have it" and most of the time, these words fall on deaf ears, because it can be a hard concept to fully grasp. 

But the SoccerServe kids are different. Through their service, they've gained perspective. When they talk about how lucky they are to have cleats and play on fields, you can sense that they really mean it. And when they say that they want kids everywhere to be able to play soccer, you know that's what they really want and that they're not afraid to work towards that goal. 

There's even more evidence for how deep their compassion runs: every time they dedicate a game to the Azraq kids, they win.  

As one boy at the end says, "I want to send some of that good luck back to you. We all know that some of the greatest players in the world grew up in great hardship. For example: Neymar, Pele, Messi. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if I saw you guys in the world cup one day."