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Pictured, a young girl who was married at 13 years old.
Albert González Farran/UNAMID
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13-Year-Old Kenyan Girl Beaten to Death for Refusing to Marry 60-Year-Old Man

Why Global Citizens Should Care
Poverty and lack of education are among the main drivers of child marriage, a harmful practice that disproportionately impacts girls. You can take action here to help end child marriage everywhere and achieve gender equality.

A 13-year-old Kenyan girl was beaten to death over the weekend for refusing to marry the 60-year-old suitor that had been arranged for her by her parents.

Adding insult to horror, a mere cattle fine was exacted upon the men who took her life, reported Face2Face Africa.

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“Her parents forced her to marry an old man. She refused and village warriors descended on her with beatings,” said a witness in Nasorot village, Kenya, in an anonymous interview with the Star. “She lost her life as she was being disciplined.”

The teenager was to be the man's sixth wife and is reported to be among a group of young girls who recently underwent female genital mutilation (FGM), noted Mwakilishi.

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The six Pokot warriors responsible for her death were “punished” in a traditional cleansing ceremony known as “Labai,” noted the Star. The practice requires those found guilty to present a number of cows and goats as a fine to be shared among members of the dead’s family.

The “bride price” for a circumcised Pokot girl varies from 60 goats to 30 cows or 20 camels, according to Mwakilishi.

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But local officials claimed ignorance of the entire tragedy and said they would pursue an investigation.

“If that is true, the culprits should be arrested immediately to face murder charges. I will instruct officers on the ground to take up the matter,” said the Tiaty East Deputy Commissioner Steve Muonge in an interview, according to Face2Face Africa.

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