If you need another reason to love Julia Roberts, look no further than the video that premiered Thursday night on NBC’s The Red Nose Day Special.

Roberts has been associated with a number of charitable organizations over the years, working with UNICEF, CHIME FOR CHANGE and Global Fund, as well as supporting a number of different causes.

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But on Thursday night Roberts turned the spotlight to the importance of vaccines in a video for Red Nose Day.

The video follows Roberts as she delivers polio and rotavirus vaccines to children in a remote area of Kenya with Bear Grylls. Roberts also talks to mothers who have lost their babies to pneumonia, another sickness that is preventable with vaccines.

In a poignant exchange, Roberts comforts a mother, Lilian, who lost her baby just a week before their meeting.

“Nicholas fell sick when he was 8 months old,” Lillian said. “We took him to the hospital for admission. He was discharged. But after three days, he became unwell again. I fed him and I placed him down. But when I came back, he’d passed away.”

“I cannot believe that my baby left me. If I had taken him for the vaccination, he would not have died,” Lillian said.

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Red Nose Day, an annual fundraising campaign run by Comic Relief Inc., is a day to raise awareness about children in need around the world using the power of entertainment. It’s about ending child poverty “one nose at a time.”

Roberts was just one of the many celebrities involved in spreading the word.

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NBC’s special brought together a number of celebrities in support of the cause and many used social media to help spread the word.

#NosesOn to end child poverty! #RedNoseDay

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The importance of vaccines cannot be underestimated. Polio is 99.9% eradicated as a result of a global eradication effort. But it is just one of many preventable illnesses.

As long as one child is infected, all children remain at risk.

Global Citizen is campaigning for more funding for polio vaccines so we can eradicate the disease once and for all. Take action now.


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Julia Roberts Delivers Vaccines in This Heart-Wrenching Video for Red Nose Day

By Jackie Marchildon