Should I stay or should I go? That’s what the British are deciding today. At this moment, the UK is voting on a referendum to leave or remain in the European Union, and John Oliver is imploring his countrymen to stay.

In his typical style, Oliver breaks down the issue in a hilarious and succinct way — he says the UK stands to lose a lot if it leaves the EU, and isn’t guaranteed to gain anything by leaving. As with much of Oliver’s comedy and opinion, he uses salty language, so watch with caution.

What’s the big deal?

Long story short: Those in favor of a “Brexit” believe that EU membership is a burden to the UK’s economy and that it diminishes the UK’s control over its immigration policies. Those in favor of remaining in the EU believe that the benefits the UK reaps from being an EU member outweigh the costs.

For a more detailed explanation of the “remain” position, watch John Oliver’s segment! While it might sway some American minds, it won’t influence the UK vote at all — the segment won’t air until after Brits have gone to the polls.

In the weeks leading up to today’s vote, the debate got heated, even leading to a “battle” on the River Thames.


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John Oliver’s rant on Brexit is worth a watch

By Daniele Selby