J.K. Rowling has made an art form of making sharp and often funny political points in just a few words on Twitter, and this weekend, her quick-witted take-down of an Islamophobic tweet inspired an entire Twitter meme of smart and humorous good citizenship.

It all began Thursday when Twitter user Rutger Ulbrecht posted a message about Muslims that caught Rowling’s eye. Rowling quickly responded by calling the man out for posting “bollocks.”

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Ulbrecth’s statement about Muslims was so ludicrous that Rowling and her fans quickly capitalized on his setup of starting off the tweet with “DID YOU KNOW” and filled in their own made-up facts, often in defense of Muslims.

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Rowling’s Twitter feed is full of her opinions on news and world events, and she’s been an active voice in political discussions around issues like Brexit and the United Kingdom’s election of Theresa May as prime minister.

Just like Ulbrecht’s initial tweet, the responses spawned by Rowling played a little fast and loose with the “facts” — proving that sometimes, humor really is the best medicine for countering hate.

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J.K. Rowling Tackles Islamophobia on Twitter with a Hilarious Thread

By Colleen Curry