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JK Rowling receives award for fighting global inequality

There are not many things JK Rowling hasn't achieved: 

Author a phenomenal series of books that will take the world by storm and influence generation upon generation of future writers?  Check.

Found not one but TWO charitable services that provide vital support on issues ranging from social deprivation to the causes and potential cures of Multiple Sclerosis? Check and check. (In fact, the generosity of her charitable giving bumped her off the Forbes billionaire list.

Save the world from an alien invasion? Ch-OK, so she hasn’t done that...yet.

This week the PEN American Center announced that the writer will receive the 2016 PEN/Allen Foundation Literary Service Award at their annual Literary Gala in New York. Every year the award is presented ‘"to a critically acclaimed author whose work embodies its mission to oppose repression in any form and to champion the best of humanity." 

This is what the PEN American Center had to say about the esteemed writer and activist.

“Through her writing, Rowling engenders imagination, empathy, humor, and a love of reading, along the way revealing moral choices that help us understand ourselves,” said author Andrew Solomon, president of PEN America. “Through their experiences with Rowling both on and off the page, countless children have learned not only the power of speaking their own minds, but the critical importance of hearing others. A gifted storyteller, fierce opponent of censorship, advocate for women’s and girls’ rights, and staunch defender of access to education, Rowling uses all of the tools at her disposal to create a better and more just world for our children.”

Upon hearing the news, J.K. Rowling said that she was "deeply honoured to receive this award and humbled that my work has been recognised as having moral value by an organisation I so admire.”

J.K.Rowling embodies the spirit and values of what it means to be a global citizen. Whether it’s inspiring millions with her talent for telling a story, or championing social justice to improve the lives of children around the world, her commitment to making the world a better place is a constant inspiration. For an award that is given to a writer who champions the best of humanity, there is no one who deserves it more.