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1,000 Refugees Are Going to an NFL Game Thanks to This NFL Team Owner

For the first time in a decade, the Jacksonville Jaguars are heading to the NFL playoffs.

And for long-time owner Shahid Khan, the joy of making it beyond the regular season was cause for celebration. In anticipation of a win, he wanted to share the excitement with those he felt could use a break.

During the opening round game this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, 500 local refugees and 500 displaced Puerto Ricans will be rooting alongside die-hard fans, courtesy of Khan, who invited the men, women, and children as a way to help those most in need.

Each free ticket also comes with a food and drink voucher and the Jaguars will provide transportation to and from the game, the team reports.

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“The Jaguars’ first home playoff appearance in very long time is an event that should be shared with as many people as possible, across all spectrums, who call Jacksonville their home,” Khan said in a statement.  

Kahn’s The Jaguars Foundation worked with the Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida, the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Latino Leadership Inc., to find displaced peoples who wanted to attend the game, according to the press release.

His outreach comes at a time of anxiety for refugees in the US and those who want to come to the US.  

In 2017, the country admitted the lowest number of refugees since reliable was collected beginning in 2002, according to USA Today. The year-on-year plummet was largely due to policies enacted by the Trump administration that sought to bar refugees from entering the country.

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Throughout the past year, Khan has been outspoken in his support for refugees.

When the first travel ban against immigrants and refugees was enacted in January 2017, Khan quickly came out against it.

“The bedrock of this country are immigration and really a great separation between church and state,” Khan said at the time.

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Khan also reached out to displaced Puerto Ricans because so many have relocated to Florida following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma.

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Over the years, his charitable foundation has donated millions of dollars to programs that support children and families, youth fitness, veterans, women’s health, community revitalization, and more, according to the Jaguars.

This latest decision is another way to help those who need a hand — but it’s also a way to spread the joy of victory.

As Khan said in his statement:

“Whether it’s a home game in August or January, it’s important for the Jaguars to consistently be good citizens and do the right thing for our community. Hopefully the experience on Sunday will give our guests a well-deserved break from what can be severe challenges in their daily lives, and if we can give them a victory on the field, it will make for a perfect day.”