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Water & Sanitation

It's a royal flush, but not as you know it

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our leaders are people too. Well Italian artist Christina Guggeri has taken the extraordinary steps to remind us of exactly this by producing a series of images depicting our global leaders on the, erm, potty. 
No matter who you are, you’ve gotta poop. While there's no doubt that all of the leaders depicted in Guggeri's irreverant images have access to good toilet facilities, the same can't be said for everyone in the world.
There are still over 2 billion people across the world who don’t have access to adequate sanitation, and health problems stemming from open defecation kills hundred of thousands of children each year. Many kids who don't die still suffer extreme mental and physical development issues, with stunting becoming a major problem across the developing world. A lot more needs to be done, and we believe 2015 is the year we can address this issue and make sure poor sanitation becomes a thing of the past.
In the meantime, “enjoy” these photos; it’s not often you get to see the Queen like this.
Paul Abernethy