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Investing in innovation: A conversation with Alex Waislitz and Anoop Jain

With only two days left in the voting period for the Waislitz Global Citizen Award and two weeks before the winner hits the Festival stage, we reconnected with Alex Waislitz and Anoop Jain to talk about this year’s finalists.

This dual-profile piece features Alex, the man behind the award, and Anoop, the first-ever award winner. Watch the videos to find out more about the origins of the award and the power it has to cultivate change.

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Anoop Jain, founder, Sanitation and Health Rights in India

“When you win an award like the Waislitz award, it really lends you a lot of credibility. So the credibility has been great and the prize money has allowed us to improve access to safe drinking water for several thousand people.”

Alex Waislitz, co-founder, Waislitz Global Citizen Award

“I have seen Hugh [Evans] fight for the causes that he believes in, and I thought that having an award that would inspire others too is something that's really exciting to me.”

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