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On July 19th and 27th Global Citizen will join thousands of delegates, journalists and politicos in Cleveland and Philadelphia to partake in the incomparable razzmatazz that are the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Though the quintessentially ornate American conventions are unlike mass political gatherings elsewhere, they are intended to set and present each party’s election platform. We’re talking the most recent hot topics from gun control to reproductive rights to foreign aid.

Global citizens undoubtedly have a stake in this. As active participants in civil society, global citizens are engaged and committed to advancing the issues we care about most. One of these issues is global health. At national conventions it can be easy to slip into disputes that isolate us and confine us within our borders. However, as global citizens know best, the world in which we live today thrives most when we commit to progress for all.

Improved global health means improved quality of life for everyone. It should come as no shock when I say that extreme poverty drives the effects of poor health, including disease, malnutrition and limited access to education. Both public and private sectors are aware of this inextricable connection and must recognize their distinct power to drive change.

Image: Flickr: Carlos Reusser Monsalvez

Our partner Pfizer will join Global Citizen at the Conventions on July 19th and 27th to celebrate continued American investment in global health. Pfizer has proven leadership through efforts to supply lifesaving vaccinations in the world’s poorest countries. Pfizer’s work to ensure broad access of vaccines while encouraging national leaders to follow suit by increasing funding to global health programs and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative will mean more lives saved and continued progress in the fight to end extreme poverty.

At both Democratic and Republican Conventions, Global Citizen and Pfizer will call for additional congressional support for vaccination programs, children's health and the eradication of polio, building momentum around the importance of advancing global health goals ahead of the upcoming presidential election. In celebrating the American legacy of foreign assistance, members of Congress who champion access to vaccines and health professionals from the private and development sectors will sit on a moderated panel to share their reasons for support, as well as respond to questions submitted by global citizens over Twitter.

Advancing global health goals is critical to the fight to end extreme poverty. When one billion people lack basic healthcare, and 100 million falls into poverty every year while trying to access treatment, the importance of U.S. investment in global health and the development of vaccines by companies like Pfizer must not go unnoticed.

Annika Reno, Global Citizen U.S. Policy and Advocacy associate contributed to this article. 


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