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Ending global inequality requires US leadership

global-goals-10-reduced-inequalities.jpgImage: Global Citizen

Reduce inequality within and among countries

As part of the global community, the US must remain a leader in tackling poverty and inequality.

US Congressman Charles Rangel is most passionate about Global Goal #10, which places an emphasis on reducing inequality. 1.5 billion people still live below the $1.25 a day poverty line globally, mostly in developing countries. As Rangel reminds us in the video above, extreme poverty often strips children of an education and leaves people without access to healthcare or medical treatment. 

Inequality is one of the greatest challenges of our generation--encompassing gender, ethnicity, disability, age, opportunity and other variables. Please check out this piece my colleague wrote earlier this year, which lays out the significance of Global Goal 10 and how as global citizens we can make a difference.

Inequality impairs economic growth and development. Policies that explicitly address inequality need to be advanced.

As the second-longest currently serving member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Rangel strongly supports efforts to reduce inequality around the entire world and thanks global citizens for encouraging leaders to take action!

If the world is going to reduce poverty and inequalities by 2030, we need strong leadership from the US. It is now the time for action. No one can be left behind. Everyone must have the chance to live a dignified life.