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Kerala has seen historic floods this monsoon season. Experts say deforestation and unusually high rainfall have contributed to the devastation and thousands remain stranded, but every bit of help counts. Anupriya’s kind gesture proves you’re never too young to help. You can take action here to support climate change resilience in communities around the world.

Anupriya had been saving up to buy a bicycle for the last four years — the young girl from Villupuram, India, managed to save 9,000 rupees (approximately USD $129). But when she learned of the floods devastating the people of Kerala, she decided she didn’t want a bicycle — she wanted to help.

“When I saw visuals of Kerala flood on TV, I decided to donate the money," Anupriya, who is reported to be 8 or 9 years old, told the media, according to NDTV.

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The southwestern state of Kerala has seen historic flooding this monsoon season. The deadly rains have killed nearly 400 people, stranded thousands, and displaced more than 1 million people since June, the BBC reported.

Though major flooding is a regular part of monsoon season in Kerala, the situation was complicated by exceptionally high rainfall, poor management of water systems, and deforestation.

Experts say officials were late releasing water from Kerala’s many dams, which could have mitigated some of the damage caused by the flooding and that deforestation contributed to the landslides responsible for many deaths.

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Anupriya’s altruistic gesture caught the attention of many who praised her donation — five piggy banks’ worth of savings — to flood relief efforts and her activism online.

And she ultimately got her bicycle — donated by Hero Cycles, an India-based bicycle manufacturer — because of her kind act. The company has also promised her one bicycle every year for the rest of her life.


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This Indian Girl Smashed Open Her Piggy Banks to Help Kerala’s Flood Victims

By Daniele Selby