COVID-19, extreme poverty, unequal access to education, inequality, and climate change are some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. 

As we collectively work towards the recovery of the world, especially from the impacts of COVID-19, and as part of the year-long Recovery Plan for the World campaign Global Citizen and BellaNaija have announced an exciting partnership and the launch of the IMPACTER series. 

From October 2021 until September 2022, IMPACTER by Global Citizen and BellaNaija will cast the spotlight on Nigerian innovators making an impact in their communities and beyond, with focus on their projects and the impact of their innovations on Nigerians and beyond. 

BellaNaija is a leading African lifestyle and advocacy digital media company with a focus on utilising the power of media and technology to drive positive change and celebrate progress. 

Global Citizen is an international advocacy organisation with a mission to build a movement of action-taking Global Citizens who are using their collective voice to support our vision of ending extreme poverty by 2030.

“From generation to generation, brave individuals have risen to the task of improving lives in their communities,” says BellaNaija’s Founder and CEO, Uche Pedro. “They have worked towards an end to extreme poverty, gender equality, accessible health care, better education, and protection of vulnerable people.” 

“These inspiring people are pushing for progress and positive change in their communities, countries, continent, and even worldwide,” Pedro continues. “At BellaNaija, our focus is on using the power of digital media to drive positive change and celebrate progress in Africa. This groundbreaking partnership with Global Citizen presents an opportunity to continue our mission by shining the spotlight on the individuals who have devoted their lives to making the world a better place.” 

Maimuna Maibe, Nigeria Country Director at Global Citizen, said: “To achieve our mission of building the largest movement of action-taking Global Citizens it is important to create the right partnerships with organisations like BellaNaija, who place community impact at the core of their brand and actively support various nonprofit organisations and community-based initiatives.”

“Together, Global Citizen and BellaNaija can drive support for action and impact where we share a common vision — like equality and women's empowerment,” Maibe adds. “Each and every one of us has a role to play in bringing about the change we want and audiences that are empathetic to our mission of change are a perfect starting point for inspiring action. Every voice matters and organisations like BellaNaija can help build a new narrative for Nigeria’s future.”

The Recovery Plan for the World is a year-long campaign by Global Citizen and our partners that aims to end the COVID-19 pandemic for all, end the hunger crisis, resume learning everywhere, protect the planet, and advance equity for all.

By highlighting the stories of the innovators and changemakers advocating for a better life for the vulnerable in our communities, the IMPACTER series will bring much needed awareness to some of these challenges and the people working hard to solve them.

Through IMPACTER, Nigerians will be able to learn more about the systemic causes and symptoms of extreme poverty — across education, health, climate change, gender equality and inclusion, and food security.

Through the partnership, Global Citizens in Nigeria and globally will be able to take action to support the mission to end extreme poverty on both BellaNaija and Global Citizen's platforms. Stay tuned and follow us on social media to read more from the IMPACTER series and take action to drive positive change for Nigeria and beyond.


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Global Citizen & BellaNaija Team Up to Highlight Nigeria’s Most Impactful Activists

By Akindare Lewis