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How Does Global Citizen Tackle the World’s Biggest Problems?

Global Citizen is a movement of millions of people taking action to solve the world’s biggest problems. We work in support of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, 17 goals agreed by all countries to end extreme poverty, tackle climate change and reduce inequality by 2030.

Our advocacy work focuses on eight issues: Girls & Women; Food & Hunger; Education; Health; Water & Sanitation; Environment; Finance & Innovation; Citizenship.

We win by:

  • Designing and hosting campaigns to achieve a specific outcome in support of the Global Goals.
  • Convening partners and events, capitalizing on influential moments and people - such as the Global Citizen Festival
  • Building the movement global citizens to end extreme poverty - through compelling content, media coverage, and partnerships
  • Channeling the voices and actions of Global Citizens - from petitions to tweets, phone calls to emails, or attending rallies to volunteering.
  • Since 2012, Global Citizens have taken more than 5 million actions, and our campaigns - comprising grassroots actions, high-level advocacy, world-class events, media coverage, and partnerships with influencers, businesses and nonprofits - have resulted in 129 financial and policy commitments and announcements, set to affect the lives of up to 650 million people.

In 2015 alone, working alongside our incredible partners global citizens took 2.3 million actions, helping to secure commitments from governments and business that are set to affect more than 297 million lives worldwide on issues such as sanitation, girls education, refugees and child health.

Global Citizen Impact

Water & Sanitation

For a full recap of our WASH commitments and how they're going, see this Accountability Report (released August 2016).

  • Netherlands 2015 - During the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day, The Netherlands committed to provide 30 million people with clean toilets, and 50 million people with clean water after global citizens took 70,000 actions.
  • Sweden 2015 - After months of behind the scenes advocacy, 100,000 global citizens tweeted, emailed and called the Swedish Government, and in response to an invitation from Global Citizen Festival Curator Chris Martin of Coldplay, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven took to the Global Citizen Festival 2015 stage to commit to improving sanitation for 60 million people in the next 15 years - six times the population of Sweden.
  • Water for the World Act 2014 - Working with partners, Global Citizen secured passage of the Water for the World Act in late 2014, improving how the USA uses its foreign aid to provide clean water and sanitation, affecting the lives of 100,000 people. We led on public and media mobilization, getting more than 40,000 global citizens to take action, campaigning from the stage of our events like Global Citizen Festival, and securing 27 mentions of the Act on MSNBC.
  • At Global Citizen Festival 2014, H&M Conscious Foundation, Global Manager, Helena Thybell announced a commitment of $9.3 million to WaterAid set to affect 250,000 lives for the better.


  • USA - Since 2013, global citizens have helped increase the amount of funding the United States Government provides to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) by 300%, from $20million/year in 2013 to $70million/year in 2016.
  • Canada - Global Citizen led public campaigning with Malala Fund to increase Canadian contributions to the Global Partnership for Education from C$60 million to C$120 million in 2015 and to secure C$10 million from Canada to support UNICEF.
  • UK - Global Citizen led the Write to Learn and #becauseofschool campaigns to increase UK contributions to the Global Partnership for Education resulting in a commitment of £300 million over four years, a 50% increase that is set to affect the lives of 4.2 million children through basic education. In 2015, the UK additionally promised to help educate a further 6.5 million girls by 2019 from the stage of the Global Citizen Festival.


  • Polio - Since 2011, global citizens have helped secure $800 million combined from governments - including Canada, UK, Australia, and US - to eradicate polio by the end of the decade.
  • Gavi - Global citizens helped mobilise more than $6 billion from 2014-15 in pledges for Gavi, the Alliance for Vaccines (from Norway, United Kingdom, Australia and United States), which will help immunise approximately 189 million children by 2020.
  • Colombia - In 2015, President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia committed to reduce maternal mortality rate in rural areas by 25% by 2018. This will affect the lives of approximately 2.3 million people.
  • USA - At Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day, USAID committed $126 million to support healthcare systems strengthening including vaccine immunization and medical support in Ebola affected countries.

Food & Hunger

  • G7 - United Against Poverty was held in Munich in 2015 on the eve of the G7 in June, bringing together 5,000 people, helping to shepherd the G7’s commitment to lift 500 million people out of hunger by 2030.
  • Malawi - At Global Citizen Festival 2015 Malawian Vice President Saulos Chilima committed to reduce the rates of childhood stunting from the current 47% to 10% and children underweight from 14% to 5% by 2024, six years prior to the conclusion of the Global Goals.

Girls & Women

  • In 2015, the UK committed to ensure 6.5 million additional girls globally receive education over the next 5 years.
  • Turkey - At 2015 Global Citizen Festival, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu committed to reducing the gender workforce gap by 2025, and called on world leaders to redouble efforts for girls and women, and to see G20 leaders reduce the number of youth at risk by 15%.
  • In 2013, the 2% Industry Pledge called on contraceptive companies to commit 2% of profits towards increased access to modern contraception. Responding to 45,000+ global citizen actions, the contraceptives industry responded with five companies pledging.

Finance & Innovation

  • At Global Citizen Festival 2015, the European Commission committed to increase support for the refugee crisis by €500 million over and above the existing development aid budget of the European Commission.
  • At Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day, World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim explained that despite the economic slowdown in China and a number of intractable conflicts, 80 million people were set to leave extreme poverty that year. He then announced an ambitious commitment on behalf of the World Bank to lead efforts to lift an additional 20 million out of extreme poverty in the following 12 months.
  • In 2015, Ireland committed to continue to spend at least 50% of its aid budget in the least developed countries and to do as much as they can on aid.


  • Norway - In 2015, Norway committed $12 million over four years to air pollution reduction through the World Bank’s new Pollution Management and Environmental Health (PMEH) program. This commitment is expected to affect the lives of 42 million people.

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