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Meet Immaculate, an Aspiring Neurosurgeon From Nairobi

Presented by Johnson & Johnson, proud partner of Global Citizen, helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. 

Immaculate Achieng is an intelligent, ambitious young woman who has set high goals for herself. She is determined to have a future in neurosurgery. Not just any neurosurgeon but someone world renowned for their exceptional work. She hopes to one day "count her life as meaningful through saving lives."

Many of her aspirations grew through her participation in Bridge to Employment (BTE). Through projects and community service Immaculate has learned of the power that can be harnessed through team-work and has seen the valuable impact of her efforts. In her own words "The program has greatly influenced my character development." Moreover, she elaborates on the discipline, self-management and intellectual flexibility she has developed through BTE. Not to be overshadowed are the lessons she has learned about herself through the guidance and mentoring of BTE staff. She explains that they have taught her how to evaluate and understand her own strengths in order to capitalize on them while at the same time focusing on improving her weaknesses.

Immaculate enjoys BTE because she continually strives to expand her knowledge of the field of medicine. The Alliance Building and Training Session, which is supported by Johnson & Johnson, where this video is taken, afforded her opportunities to not only do that but to also collect ideas from different people worldwide and how they may be applied in Kenya.

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