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If young people were empowered...

At Restless Development, we know that half the world is under 25. That's three billion people.
Young people are most affected by the persistent problems facing the world, and yet are frequently overlooked as a resource. As the largest, most energetic population, young people can and must be part of the solution.
If we want progress, we need change that lasts in the long-run and impacts everyone.
Young people are too often excluded from the policy-making procedures that directly affect their lives. We will get governments and policy-makers committed to creating an environment that recognises and supports the active role of young people in society at all levels.
We will show those who drive policy and development practices how they can meaningfully engage young people. We will form and participate in coalitions which engage government, donor and private sector actors in a sustained manner to ensure a clear youth agenda is being articulated, pursued and held to account.
Working directly with young people is the foundation for everything we do.
Too many young people do not have access to the services, education and support that they need. But young people can help fill these gaps. We professionally train and support young Volunteer Development Professionals to help spread knowledge, develop skills and address priority issues within their communities and countries. Through the direct delivery of these grassroots programmes we will provide structured, long-term interventions for 1,100,000 youth, improving their civic participation, livelihoods and sexual health.
Long-term, systematic change requires better leadership.
The young people we recruit, train and support in full-time professional opportunities are defined by a spirit and a drive that makes them natural leaders, and arguably the most valuable product of our work. There are already more than 16,000 Restless Development alumni worldwide. We want to support these young leaders at each stage of their careers to move up and into positions of influence where they can take our youth-led values to deliver change with and for others.