The United Nations World Food Programme is launching a campaign to give people a chance to show solidarity with the suffering of millions of Syrians displaced inside Syria and as refugees outside the country. 

#IamSyrian consists of brief online portraits of ordinary Syrians sharing the contrast between their lives before the conflict began and their current lives in Syria and in exile, what they and their families have lost and their hopes for the future. In their own words, they appeal to common humanity so supporters can show their solidarity by using #IamSyrian, liking or sharing stories on social media. 

The #IamSyrian initiative supports the 21 January appeal by heads of UN agencies and aid organizations calling for an end to the suffering in Syria and for specific actions so humanitarian assistances reaches all those in need. It comes as the London conference urges the world to #SupportSyrians and its message is complementary to the spirit of the conference.

My name is Jamal. I’m from a village called Khirbet Ghazeleh in Syria but now I’m living in a refugee camp in Jordan. 

Image: WFP: Giulio d'Adamo

My home in Syria was my paradise. Whatever I wanted to do I did. Now, as a refugee, whatever I want, whatever I hope for I’m denied. At home, I lived with my family and among friends. I worked as a carpenter; life was good. But when the conflict started, I was forced to stop working and everything changed.

“My home in Syria was my paradise. Whatever I wanted to do I did. Now, as a refugee, whatever I want, whatever I hope for, I’m denied.”

Here at the camp, I am doing some carpentry work but it is difficult without any of my tools. A hammer is all I brought with me from Syria – it was a reminder of my country and who I was there. I wish I had also been able to bring some photos of my family too.

If I could have one wish, it would be to live among my friends again. We had so many good times but the conflict has killed half of them.

I want to call on the international community to end the conflict in Syria so we can return home to our lives. Now I am stuck … my future is as a refugee, unable to move around freely and unable to work. I miss my country, my home, my neighbours … but my country was destroyed. There is nothing left for me there now.

Image: WFP: Giulio d'Adamo


Yours sincerely, 

This story was contributed by the World Food Programme (WFP).

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#IamSyrian and this is my story- Jamal