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How to Earn Global Citizen Points to Redeem Tickets to Concerts All Year Round

New to Global Citizen and not sure what all these actions, rewards, points, and tickets are about?

Let us help.

While we do host a massive festival every year in Central Park, it’s not the only show your actions can win you tickets for. In fact, there are hundreds of concerts and performances year-round which you can earn your way into with the Global Citizens Rewards Program.

Wait — what are these actions, you ask?

Global Citizen is unique in many ways, but one of the biggest is that we are a platform on which everyone can help create real change in the world, by taking action.

Actions come in many shapes and forms — like sending a tweet to a prime minister asking him or her to change a law, signing a petition to motivate a government to increase its foreign aid, or posting a photo on Instagram about food waste.

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People take actions for all sorts of reasons, but one of them is that you can earn points. And those points can earn you rewards, which you can redeem for any number of events.

Our production team, which partners with LiveNation, makes a huge number of concerts available to our action-takers. Catch Amy Schumer when her tour of the US comes near you, or Justin Bieber in Dublin, London, or Barcelona. Action-taking Global Citizens got to see Beyonce on her “Lemonade” tour earlier this year.

You can choose anything from live comedy, billboard artists, and festivals, or pick out a show from our worldwide event calendar that’s convenient for you.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of how to do it:

1.     Become a Global Citizen. Create a profile, follow the causes you care about, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, sign up for newsletters to stay informed, and then get started.

2.     Take an action! It all starts with you: the causes you care about and the issues you’d like to change. There are hundreds of actions you can take, and just by sharing to Facebook or posting to Twitter you’ve taken a step toward making those problems more visible. (And earning points!)

3.     Rack up at least 5 points. That’s the number you’ll need to enter an event’s ticket lottery. The more points you have, the more shows you can enter. Just keep in mind that having more points don’t increase your likelihood of winning the lottery.

4.     Pick a Show. Our running calendar of shows is always being updated. Once you enter, your name goes into a totally randomized lottery of Global Citizens interested in the same show. You’ll need to enter at least a week ahead of the show to make the ticket drawing, as we’ll need that time on our end to get your tickets in order.

5.     Stay tuned. If you’ve won, you’ll get an email confirmation from our Rewards team. They’ll set you up with two tickets (for a plus one, of course) and get your name on the list for the show.

Sidenote: Unfortunately, we do not cover travel and hotel expenses. Check out our Terms & Conditions for more.

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Here’s another fact: Global Citizens can enter for as many rewards as they want. That means that even if you don’t win the first time around you can try again. All you need to do is get involved with causes to earn those points back.

And there will always be good causes to promote and Global Citizen is committed to achieving the UN Global Goals for 2030. Until then, there’ll be issues to fight for and actions to take. In 2016 alone Global Citizens have already made over 7 million actions and have had real impact in pressuring world leaders, dignitaries, and organizations to commit $27 billion to our causes. Those commitments are set to affect 737 million people worldwide.

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So keep showing up for the causes you care about, and we’ll keep showing up with the year-round rewards.