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World Leaders Took to Twitter to Celebrate Global Citizen Festival 2016

Global Citizen / Getty Images

US and foreign dignitaries play a key role in making the Global Citizen Festival so effective. Without their collaboration, the actions taken by Global Citizens around the world would not be as impactful as they are. Many of these leaders took to Twitter to relay Global Citizen's message. Here are some of the highlights. 

Justin Trudeau couldn't make it to the Global Citizen festival in person, but he did give a shout-out on Twitter.  

Senator Chuck Schumer made an appearance at the festival, and restated his commitment to ending poverty on Twitter the next day. 

"When we help the poor, we help the world," Congressional Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said on Global Citizen's MSNBC broadcast. 

Luxembourg made a historic commitment to eradicating polio at this year's Global Citizen festival, and Prime Minister Bettel Xavier shared the news on Twitter.

A powerful moment occurred when the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power introduced three people who have been affected by the refugee crisis, as well as Alex, a young boy who became an Internet sensation after writing a compassionate letter to Syrian refugees.