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Food & Hunger

How pineapples are becoming a longterm solution to hunger

Pineapples have been a symbol of hospitality and welcome for centuries. 

In South Sudan, learning to farm pineapples changed Marko’s life, and he happens to be living out what those pineapples symbolise. 

Marko worked for years farming and selling cassava and ground nuts, but he struggled to make ends meet. After receiving training in cultivating pineapples, then planting and collecting his first harvest, Marko says he was “the happiest person on earth,” because he had never before made the amount of income the pineapples generated.

Marko was so happy he decided he couldn’t keep the gift of pineapple farming to himself, turning his lucrative new skill into a real-life enactment of hospitality.

His farm's success means he doesn’t have to worry about where his source of income, and since Marko lives what pineapples symbolise, seven other farmers don’t have to worry about their source of income, either.

He multiplied the gift he had received, welcoming seven new farmers into the techniques he had been taught and forming a larger group to work with World Vision. Together, they made plans to incorporate more farmers into their group and revitalize the community through their collective pineapple farming business. 

Forty farmers are now starting a pineapple initiative, using the experience gained from planting and harvesting the fruit for four years. Like Marko, each have experienced significant life changes because of the farming. 

Pineapple production shouldn’t stop with those 40 farmers; the market is far from being saturated. In fact, more supply is needed, but Marko’s initiative is a good start.

This story is just one of the many that are transforming South Sudan’s story of hunger to one of hope.

Like his pineapples, Marko represents the hospitality and openness that will create a hunger-free world: enough food for today and enough income for food tomorrow - not just for him, but for his entire community.

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