We need water. Not just in the sense that we need it to quench our thirst or wash our laundry – those things are important, of course, but more than anything, we need water to survive. 

The problem is that we’re running out of it (and fast) and we need to act immediately to make sure we protect what we do have for the sake of nature and humankind. Water scarcity describes the growing lack of access to water.

Smart climate adaptation (which basically means preparing communities to adapt to the new realities of climate change) is necessary in order to tackle water scarcity. This is something that Global Citizen partner P&G recognized and decided to invest in. 

Striving toward what the company calls a “Water Positive Future”, P&G has dedicated itself to finding creative ways to use and preserve water wisely across the globe. 

“Imagine new inventions that not only make our lives better but also help the environment. It's about changing how we all use water in our homes, neighborhoods, and cities,” said the P&G team. “This effort isn't just about one solution; it's a mix of smart ideas in how things are made, used, and improved.”

Partnership and collaboration is the name of the game for P&G when it comes to tackling the world’s water crisis. The company is working in 18 water-stressed areas around the world, where they operate. The steps to making that happen include teaming up with communities on the ground to tailor specific water solutions to their needs, as well as partnering with innovative organizations to creatively input these solutions. 

They’ve kicked off their work in this area through a partnership with Native American communities in the US and Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), an organization that focuses on water, carbon, and energy solutions to help tackle water scarcity and the climate crisis. This partnership is helping to create solutions to protect ecosystems, replenish groundwater supplies, reduce the amount of water diverted from essential bodies of water, and improve water quality for the communities and wildlife that depend on it.

One of the regions that this work began in is Arizona, where the partnership between P&G, BEF, and the Colorado River Indian Tribes has seen vital protection of the water in Lake Mead, which is a critical water source for the American Southwest. 

The Colorado River Indian Tribes are dependent on the water to sustain their farmlands which have existed for centuries, and through working with the Arizona Department of Water Resources, P&G, BEF, and other organizations, strategies have been put in place to help conserve the existing water from the lake, and also add additional water to keep the water at consistent levels.

Another initiative from the partnership between P&G and BEF is the Wuda Ogwa (Bear River) Water and Habitat Eco-Restoration Project. Through this project, the main goal is to restore the land and its water sources back to what they were in the 1800’s, in order to release control of the water and allow it to breathe new life into Battle Creek's ecosystems. This effort will also increase the amount of water in the river, making it cleaner and a better home for a variety of aquatic creatures.

Overall P&G’s work to tackle water scarcity aims to tick off three boxes: 

  1. Restoring water for people and nature in water-stressed areas around the world

  2. Responding to water challenges through innovation and partnerships - including Providing clean drinking water to children and families in need. 

  3. Reducing water in the company’s internal operations

The initiatives that P&G have kicked off so far are important starting points for these goals, and are essential to combatting the impacts on communities who often experience the worst of it.


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