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How global citizens envision a world without extreme poverty

Over the last week I asked global citizens out there to describe what a world without extreme poverty would actually look like. I explained that while we know what steps need to be taken towards achieving that goal, we’ve never seen this reality manifest before. As I mentioned in the first article, I think it is very important to visualize what we’re working towards. 

I shared with you all, that I personally envision a world where there is no unnecessary suffering, where equality is the norm and where every single person, no matter their race, religion or heritage, has a fair chance of living a joyful and dignified life. 

Here are some of my favorite responses from global citizens around the world about what a world without extreme poverty actually looks like: 

Cathy Clark:Lots of love, food, shelter and peace! 

Betty Chanyi: A place where we care for each other just like the family that we are here on earth. We wouldn't let our family go without. Let's do our best instead of our worst.

Dave Land: Freedom From Want.  

Rhema-beth Boalch: A world without extreme poverty and inequality, would truly be an incredible sight to see. A world where people of all genders, races, religions etc, would be able to walk down the street and smile at one another. Where your wealth is determined by what you do with your life, not the money in your pocket (because we'd all be equal). 

Susan Brown: Without extreme poverty we can have a world of educated people who never go hungry and have a roof over their heads. As a larger society we can focus on growing our potential future instead of repairing our damaged past.

Karen Trigg: Respect for each other and love for our brothers and sisters.

Ann Anderson Campbell: No wars, no cruelty to humans or animals, no hunger, no slaves, a place where all children receive an education and every adult is able to earn a living wage, a place where all humans have shelter, running water and power, where all women are equal wherever they live, where every person has access to the best healthcare not just those who can afford it. 

Graham Oldacre: There will be no hunger, tolerance for all cultures whilst being United as a species! No hidden agendas and all scientific research and discoveries available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, status, etc. A world which works together for the betterment of humanity and one that has a fully functional space program. 

Debra Moss: A world where every soul is cherished, respected, nurtured, sheltered, and is loved enough to eliminate the need to dominate, be greedy, or lie. 

Maria Baker-Smith: A world where the acquisition of wealth and power is not the driving force in our lives. Where we are free to explore our potential to make life better for each and everyone of us. 

Thomas Cobley: Everyone has a home and all the basics to not only function but to thrive. Where exploitation of any kind is considered anti-social. Where equality is the norm and freedoms are universal. 

Linda Fell: A world without religious hatred, racism, hunger, homelessness or greed. A world with great equality between men and women. Deep respect for all living creatures and no cruelty. 

What a beautiful world it could be!! Thank you so much, global citizens, for sharing with me what you envision a world without extreme poverty to look like. I truly believe that if we all work together and raise our collective voices, this is the world and reality we can share.

If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments. 

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