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How cow poop is changing the world

This woman in Africa is creating her own fuel for cooking, and it contains a very surprising ingredient: cow manure.

But why would someone use cow poop as fuel?

3 billion people around the world cook with charcoal fires. Cooking over open fires can be dangerous. The World Health Organization estimates that 4.3 million people die each year prematurely from household air pollution.

Not only is smoke from open fires a health concern, but buying fuel is expensive. The Mugeta family in Tanzania previously spent half their income on wood and charcoal for cooking fuel.

In this video, Judith Mugeta and her family create biogas that pumps directly into her kitchen. She now cooks with no smoke or open fire and is able to save her husband’s income and pay for her children’s education. Mugeta also saves the time and energy previously spent collecting wood and buying charcoal.

Check out more of the widespread benefits for African families switching to biofuel at 4:20!

Now excuse me while I go look for a cow, I have some cooking to do...