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Girls & Women

How can we end domestic violence?

The impact of domestic violence is a major obstacle for the world’s poor. Women who are subject to violence lose untold amounts of productivity, encounter emotional scarring, and are less able to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. The numbers can be shocking: worldwide, 1 in every 3 women has been subjected to physical, emotional and/or verbal abuse in their lifetime. More than 600 million women are living in countries where domestic abuse is not punishable by law.

We can change this and the way forward starts with education.

From 2010 to 2013, four United Nations agencies conducted The UN Multi-Country Study on Men and Violence throughout Asia. Men and women were anonymously interviewed about their experiences with each other.

The study revealed a prevalence of physical and sexual abuse, especially towards women. More specifically, the study revealed that at least 1 in 4 men said they used violence against a partner, and that 1 in 10 men said they raped a woman or girl.

In many of the societies researched, the belief that masculinity is directly connected to aggression is still prevelant.

Education can change this. We can improve the quality of life of millions of people by educating men, women and children about gender equality, healthy sexual living, and modern approaches to masculinity and femininity. Currently we are petitioning the United Nations to increase education and expand opportunities for women.

Together, let’s make violence against women a thing of the past.

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For a more comprehensive view of the abuses, their causes, and potential solutions, watch the video from the United Nation's at the top of this page.