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This Homeless Man Got a Makeover That Entirely Changed His Life

A homeless man who had been living on the streets for 25 years received a truly life-changing makeover in an act of kindness from a local salon in Spain.

The video was made by Dr. Filmgood Studio for the third anniversary of La Salvajeria, the local salon in Majorca, Spain where Antonio lives that gave him the makeover. The video is named “Spirit of the Square” which is also the name that Majorca locals call Antonio, for the plaza he sleep at each night. 

Jose Antonio says his trouble started with depression — the most common disability in the world. His attitude and mood, like 322 million others, was affected by depression which led him to life on the streets. 

Prior to his makeover, Antonio was getting to a place where he was comfortable with himself but miserable and frustrated by being homeless. 

“I am happy with myself because I love who I am, but I can’t be happy with my life,” said Antonio. “Parking cars and living like this would not make anyone happy.” 

He makes meager earnings parking cars in Majorca, Spain. He is currently saving up enough to rent to a room and get off the streets. But his access to work all depends upon trusting community members and his shabby appearance did not help. 

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This all changed, however, when La Salvajeria salon decided to give Antonio a full makeover. The makeover included a cutting his hair, dying his white freshly-trimmed beard dark brown, shaping his eyebrows, putting on a bit of makeup, and dressing Antonio in a completely new outfit. 

In a dramatic video of the makeover, a salon’s stylist reveals the new Antonio to the old Antonio by opening a set of wooden windows to reveal a mirror. 

“My god! Wow! I don’t recognize myself!” he exclaimed, beaming.  

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The transformation is truly shocking. Antonio himself was stunned and brought to tears upon seeing himself for the first time. 

After the makeover Antonio returns to the streets to take in the reaction of his community. The most moving part of the video comes at minute 4:07 when Antonio makes the simple request to order a beer and the server responds right away. 

Though the server is his friend, Antonio’s request makes you wonder, how many times was he met with discrimination based off appearances and circumstances out of his control, like the 1.6 billion others without adequate housing? 

Today, however, this generous act is a reminder that everyone, whether they are homeless, or a refugee or an immigrant deserves a fresh start in life. 

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