Hillary Clinton made history last night by becoming the first woman to accept a presidential nomination from a major political party in the US. Political views aside, this was a proud moment for Clinton — and women across the US. Whether you’re a Clinton supporter or not, her nomination reflects strides toward gender equality. She broke the glass ceiling that has been holding women back from the oval office since 1776.

As Clinton gave her speech accepting the nomination, many celebrated this historic moment and congratulated Hillary on her candidacy. However, not everyone is thrilled about the idea of Clinton — or a woman — as president.

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People (mostly men) took to Twitter to express their opinions about the important things in this election season — tone of voice and smiles.

Naturally, these responses were met with an overwhelming amount of support for Clinton from celebrities, political figures, and men and women across the US.

Criticizing Clinton because she is a woman, doesn’t smile enough, or is speaking too loud is sexist. It’s hard to recall a time when Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, or Carter were criticized for similar concerns.

While you don’t have to agree with her political views, you can acknowledge her courage and achievement as the official presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Smiling and conversational tone aren’t going to win a presidential election for either party, so let’s focus on the real issues at hand.

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These Are the Worst Reactions to Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

By Krista Watson