Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a heated race for the White House. For a while Hillary had a clear lead, then Trump caught up, and now Hillary is gaining again. If the race was decided by gender, though, there would be no drama — the election would be a blow-out. 

Here's what would happen if only women could vote. 

Here's what would happen if only men could vote. 

The electoral map won't look like either of the above examples, because the US does not disenfranchise people based on their gender anymore. 

Soon after these maps came out, Twitter erupted with #RepealThe19th, with people actually making that assertion. The 19th amendment granted women the right to vote after more than a century of disenfranchisement. One man wrote, "If women are the only thing stopping the Greatest President this country has ever seen- why not #RepealThe19th?”  

But then the air was quickly taken out of this absurdly sexist idea.

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Here's What the Electoral Map Would Look Like if Only Women Voted

By Joe McCarthy