Over the past week, Queensland’s south-east and New South Wales’s north-east have been bombarded by wild weather, leading to one of the worst flooding events in the region’s history.

With a death toll now hitting double digits, and more severe rain expected, there has never been a more critical time for assistance. 

As water levels rose by the metre, tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes, hundreds of schools have had to close their doors and entire towns have been evacuated.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways you can help, whether that be via money, items or labour. 


1. The Salvation Army is taking donations for both states, with the pooled funds to be distributed to the areas most in need. The appeal is aiming to raise a massive AU$10 million and has immediately released $1 million from its Red Shield Appeal.  

2. The St Vincent De Paul Society has launched two separate appeals, one for the residents of New South Wales and the other for Queensland. The organisation says a $50 donation can help provide food for families forced from their home.

3. The Australian Red Cross appeal says a $60 donation can “help fund our service to reconnect families in disasters, reducing a major source of trauma,” while $250 can help the organisation set up an evacuation centre and provide vital aid.

4. Save the Children is responding to the crisis by establishing child friendly spaces in evacuation centres to ensure children's immediate and unique needs are met. You can donate to help children process the disaster and trauma here.

5. You can donate to the NSW State Emergency Service, a government agency responsible for providing relief in the aftermath of floods, storms and tsunamis. Donations will allow highly skilled volunteers to offer first aid and rescue services. 

6. Staff and volunteers from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have been working to clear mud and water and help communities recover over the past few days. You can donate directly to ensure the group can continue to work here.

7. Online donations platform GoFundMe currently features dozens of verified fundraisers for victims of the floods. You can view the pages, many of which relate to specific families or businesses, by scrolling through this page and clicking on the "Donate Now" button.


8. Brisbane City Council and Volunteering Queensland have united in requesting an “army” of volunteers come forward to help remove floodwater, debris and mud from homes and businesses across the city. You can register your interest here. Volunteering Queensland is also working with councils in the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan and Moreton to construct crews of clean-up volunteers. You can check out volunteering opportunities here

9. Sign up to volunteer with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services here and NSW State Emergency Service here


10. The organisation GIVIT has compiled a list of more than 75,000 items, categorised by location. According to the company, this ensures donated goods are managed responsibly and do not overwhelm charities. The ever-evolving list includes things like feminine hygiene products for those in Lismore and baby wipes in Ipswich. 

11. Various clothing, skincare, and design stores have established drives for flood victims throughout the region. The stores are publishing required goods on their respective Instagram stories, listing precisely what toiletries, food, bedding and electrical items are currently needed. Check out some of the pages here: forartistsonly, plantandprosperco, imbibeliving and nagnata_.


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11 Ways to Help People Impacted by the Devastating Australian East Coast Floods

By Madeleine Keck