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These Women Are Making Sports History as the First Female Team to Announce an NFL Game

Dynamic duo Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer will become the first female announcing team to call an NFL football game this Thursday.

"NFL fans will hear history made this season — bringing two female announcers together to call an entire NFL game has never been done before," vice president of Amazon Prime Video Greg Hart said in a statement.

"Our customers around the world love to stream football — we are thrilled to have Andrea and Hannah bring their extensive knowledge of the game to fans," he added.

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“Teaming up with Hannah and Amazon for this is truly special. Hannah is a brilliant journalist and she has been a friend for many years. With decades of experience as storytellers, we will be bringing a different voice and viewpoint to covering the game of football," Kremer said in a release.

Not everyone is thrilled about the broken glass ceiling. Some have critiqued the idea of an all-female sports segment in a male-dominated industry. However the criticism has been outweighed by support.

The backlash is indicative of the gender discriminatory stereotypes that persist in the workplace, particularly in sports and media. According to the Women’s Media Center, women had only 11.4% of sports story bylines in 2017 — 10% more than the previous year — despite the fact that female viewers make up 45% of the NFL’s fanbase, an NFL spokeswoman told Reuters

The backlash is "both sad and disgusting," tweeted sports reporter Cayleigh Griffin in response to the flood of criticism. "These are two of the most respected and hard-working women in sports journalism."

The replies to this tweet are both sad and disgusting. These are two of the most respected and hard-working women in sports journalism.

“Do they even know what a route is?” You’re kidding, right?

Congratulations to Hannah Storm & Andrea Kremer. So well-deserved 🙌🏼

— Cayleigh Griffin (@cayleighgriffin) September 25, 2018

Storm and Kremer’s trailblazing segment will air until the game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Andrea Kremer is a multiple Emmy Award-winning chief correspondent for the NFL network. She has worked over 25 Super Bowls and was named one of the top 10 greatest female sportscasters of all time by the Matador Sports in 2011.

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“I can’t imagine embarking upon this new role with anyone better than Andrea,” said Storm, an ESPN Sports Center Anchor and one of AdWeek’s 30 Most Powerful Women in Sports. “A lifelong friend with Pro Football Hall of Fame credentials, she is the perfect partner. Together we’re looking forward to offering a new option for Prime members on Thursday nights and I'm excited to get to work!”

Amazon Prime members will be able to tune in their show on Thursdays for each game.