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Gucci Is Banning Fur, to the Delight of Animal Activists Everywhere

In a win for animal rights activists everywhere, major fashion brand Gucci has announced it will stop using animal fur in its clothing collections.

"Being socially responsible is one of Gucci's core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals," said Marco Bizzarri, the luxury fashion house’s president and CEO, as he announced the decision this week in London. The change will go into effect with the spring-summer collection, Bizzarri said.

That means Gucci’s designers will no longer use coyote, mink, fox, rabbit, or karakul, a breed of sheep, according to The Independent.

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Gucci is joining brands like Armani, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger as fur-free clothing companies. See a full list of fur-free brands here.

In addition to not using any fur in future lines, Gucci will also auction off remaining fur products and the proceeds will benefit the Humane Society International, which works to protect animals worldwide, and LAV, an animal advocacy group.

“Gucci going fur-free is a game-changer,” Kitty Block, president of Humane Society International, said in a statement. “For this Italian powerhouse to end the use of fur because of the cruelty involved will have a huge ripple effect throughout the world of fashion.”

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Gucci will also be joining the Fur-Free Alliance, which campaigns on animal rights globally.

“For decades animals in the fur industry has been subjected to intense cruelty, living their entire lives in miserable, filthy cages,” said Joh Vinding, the chairman of Fur Free Alliance. “Gucci’s new fur free policy marks a game-changer for the whole luxury fashion industry to follow.”

A recent National Geographic magazine article reported that 100 million animal skins came from animal farms alone in 2016. Private fur trappers are responsible for millions more. A study conducted by the International Fur Trade Association, which lobbies for fur groups, said it’s is a $40 billion industry and supports 1 million jobs.

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Global Citizen campaigns on the Global Goals, which includes Global Goal 15, the protection of life on land. You can take action on the Global Goals here.

Animal-rights organizations were elated at Gucci’s decision.

Gucci, along with CHIME FOR CHANGE, has served as Presenting Partner of the Global Citizen Festival for the past three years.