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Girls & Women

Google celebrates doodle-worthy women (like Malala)

Usually, Google's daily doodles look back at the past to remember great and often overlooked figures, such as the pioneering mathematician Emmy Noether.

On International Women's Day, though, the globally-recognized and used search engine decided to look at life today and all the girls and women ready to influence and change the world.

Google traveled to 13 cities--San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Lagos, Moscow, Cairo, Berlin, London, Paris, Jakarta, Bangkok, New Delhi and Tokyo--and asked 337 girls and women to complete the sentence "One day I will...."

As expected, the responses are incredibly diverse, ranging from playing in Major League Baseball (currently an all-male league), opening a lab, discovering more digits of pi, helping those who can't speak and becoming a mother. Many of the responses are spoken in the primary languages of the speaker, reflecting the global nature both of Google and, more simply, the world we actually live in (English is not the common denominator language).

One thing unites the girls and women in the video: they're all inspired and inspiring. The video is alive with joy.

All of the responses are embellished with Google's whimsical doodles. As the girls and women speak, their dreams are sketched, bridging the distance between now and soon. 

IWD Google doodles2.jpg

Toward the end of the video, Jane Goodall (the UN Messenger of Peace, renowned primatoligist, all around awesome perrson) makes an appearance. She wants to talk about the environment with Pope Francis, another climate champion.

IWD Google doodles3.jpg

And then Malala joins the party. She's sticking to her message: she wants every girl in the world to receive an education. Right now, 62 million girls are denied an education, which often sentences them to a life of poverty and dependence. 

IWD Google doodles4.jpg

Sure, you don't need an education to dream. Anyone can dream for a better future. But an education gives dreams shape and substance. It makes dreams possible. It gives the dreamer the knowledge and skills to build a plan to realize her dream. For girls and women who are still marginalized all around the world, this is especially true. An education can be the difference between a dream that dies and a dream that thrives. 

For International Women's Day, that's a good message to remember. Everyone deserves the right to dream whatever they want and everyone deserves the right to turn that dream into an opportunity.