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Good News! The Education for All Act Is Coming to a Vote This Week

In an exciting turn of events, Global Citizen is thrilled to announce that the the Education for All Act (H.R. 4481) is coming to a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives this Wednesday, Sept. 7.

The bill increases the efficiency and effectiveness of current U.S. foreign assistance that supports global education issues. It also ensures equal access to quality education for children throughout the world, specifically girls and women and children affected by crisis and conflict.

First introduced by Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY), the bill has attracted notable cosponsors such Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA), Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA), and Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY). The U.S. Senate has also introduced an Education for All Act (S.3256) companion bill led by original cosponsors Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), and Senator Susan Collins (R-ME).

This legislation would be a major improvement for US foreign policy and it would put the world one step closer to achieving Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education.

In order to get this bill over the finish line, we need your help urging congress to support the bill and vote “Yes” on Sept. 7. Please join us in calling your representative to urge them to support the Education for All Act and help to ensure all children have the right to learn.  

What exactly do the bills do?

— Build strong and sustainable education systems in target countries to maximize the bang for our buck;

— Implement a US strategy addressing real barriers preventing students from accessing a school and/or continuing their education;

— Ensure US agencies talk with one another as well as with other key partners to strategically achieve the largest impact;

— Ensure quality education services for children who have been displaced;

— Improve transparency and accountability to ensure that our money is being spent wisely.

How can I help?

Let’s call on Congress to support the Education for All Act!

We need your help guaranteeing the Education for All Act passes the US House of Representatives! Please join us in calling your representative to urge them to vote in favor of the Education for All Act. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it can help provide crucial education services to children in need. Follow these steps or the steps on the right side of this page. Both work!

  1. Call 202-224-3121

  2. You will be connected with a person on the switchboard. Please tell them the state you are from and your Representative. Find your Representative here.

  3. We recommend you say the following: Hello my name is _______, and I am from _______. I am calling in reference to the Education for All Act (H.R. 4481) which is coming to a vote this September 7th. I would like to urge Representative ________ to support quality basic education for all children, by voting yes on Education for All Act (H.R. 4481).

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