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Global360 Challenge: Awaaz, Voice Now

The Global360 Challenge, organised by Media Trust, is an opportunity for young filmmakers in India to not only showcase their skills, but also to share stories about people and communities whose lives have been changed by aid, and on social entrepreneurs, technologies, and initiatives, from the most simple to the most innovative, that are making a difference.
In August, Global360’s judging panel of young people and top creative directors will select a winner from each category to win 200,000 rupees and a runner-up who will receive 100,000 rupees. An overall winner will receive a trip to the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival next year.
Global Citizen has caught up with some of the finalists for the Challenge, and today we're talking with Harsh Vardhan Singh, whose video you can watch at the top of this article!
Why did you get in to filmmaking?
The idea of storytelling, capturing moments and presenting ones observation had always fascinated me. So I had to get personal camera, watch a lot of films for inspiration, study the art of filmmaking and kick start film productions.
Why did you choose to enter Global360?
It was that one competition which had clear vision on specific meaningful themes/subjects. Global360 was a better above a film festival platform with broadcast and screening opportunities, which is any filmmakers’ daydream.
What is it about your subject that you think is important to show?
The subjects chosen by me are "Women & Society" and "Technology & Change". The alarming cases of women insecurity in rigid male dominated mindset call for a wide debate to understand the issue of women safety with role of Technology in bringing a positive change in this regard.
Did creating your Global360 film have any effect on you, or those around you?
Brainstorming the Global360 theme for penning down the film script had made me think over the subject and realise emotions of victims & their dear ones. While briefing the film crew and cast, I gained more understanding & was more determined to finish the project. ?
In your lifetime, what do you think the biggest problem that India faces?
True education that develops sensible reasoning and rational thinking in the countrymen.
How do you think it can be overcome?
If the majority of educated people start taking interest in various social causes directly or indirectly then most of the issues can be overcome. It’s the ignorance and indifference of the educated people that many social evils exist.
What's your favourite film featuring India?
Lagaan. A young farmer risks everything for tax freedom.
Any tips for other young film makers?
Internet has every filmmaking resource & tutorial. Travel interesting places & observe interesting people.?
Do you think international aid works?
Yes. It is because of International aid that good initiatives get executed.
What does Global Citizenship mean to you?
Extreme Nationalism has caused wars, destruction, and selfishness affecting sustainable existence of the world. If all humans believe in enlightened nationalism and think of this world as one home, that makes a better world with being a Global Citizen.