Erin Richards is a Welsh born actress and activist. She’s taken on daunting roles in television and movies (watch her on Fox’s Gotham), and she now has a new challenge: Editing Global Citizen’s month long spotlight on Education.

In this edition of Global Questions, I get to ask Erin about why education is so important, her plans for Education Month on Global Citizen, and how much time I can take off now that she’s on board as an editor-oh, and I may have dropped a Gotham question in there as well.

Watch the interview to find out, check out Erin’s great introduction to Education Month and join Erin’s efforts to get every child an education by Telling world leaders to fund the Global Partnership for Education in TAKE ACTION NOW. 


Defeat Poverty

Global Questions: Erin Richards discusses her latest role- editor of Global Citizen

By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer