The Global Gamers Challenge has brought together people from all over the world with a shared goal: to harness the power of gaming for global change with Flutter. As the competition reaches its climax, we are excited to reveal the top 20 projects that have advanced to the final round of judging.

The ingenuity and creativity shown in these games reminds us of the incredible potential gaming has to drive meaningful positive change. From addressing climate change to promoting sustainable living, developers have worked hard to create games that entertain, educate, and inspire action. After much deliberation over hundreds of submissions, the panel of judges settled on 20 finalists. And, here they are:

  1. Better World: Players experience real-world challenges, earn points, collect badges to visualize their impact and take action towards positive change by connecting with real-world organizations. 

  2. Bin It Right: Player assume the role of eco-friendly waste collectors, test their recycling skills and learn the importance of waste management as they navigate through urban settings.

  3. Craftown: A retro survival and automation game. Players begin with basics, scavenge for resources, and thrive sustainably in a challenging world.
  4. EcoShift Chronicles: A 2D-pixel art video game that places the power of choice in the players’ hands, reshaping the virtual based on their decision.

  5. Escape From Heat Island: Players combat rising temperatures by planting trees and installing barriers to protect residents from fainting.

  6. Gomiland: In this pixel art RPG, players explore the town to learn about sustainability and recycling by collecting and sorting waste to receive coins

  7. Green Capitalist:  Players are challenged to build wealth responsibly, balancing profit with environmental impact, offering educational insights along the way

  8. Last Bottle: Players are immersed in the journey of recycling a single-use plastic bottle, highlighting real-world obstacles and fostering environmental awareness.

  9. MGame: A waste management game where players manage waste in virtual cities while participating in real-world environmental actions, earning rewards and connecting globally.

  10. Ocean Rangers: Players dive into the depths of a polluted ocean to clean and defend marine life against environmental threats.

  11. Ofeka Earth: Players join Ngola and Mayouma to tackle desertification in Angola, and educate communities about reforestation and renewable energy.

  12. PlasticPunk: Set in the near-future where plastic pollution is at critical levels, players must transform a waste-ridden dystopian society into a sustainable paradise.

  13. Recyclo: Players engage in recycling, sorting waste to create useful products while learning about its importance and having fun.

  14. Scuba Sweep: Players dive into ocean depths to collect plastic debris, navigating hazards to build awareness of the challenges caused by ocean pollution.

  15. Sinking Earth (Thinking Us):  Players collaborate to save the Earth by completing missions, practicing responsible consumption, and uniting for survival.

  16. Socket Tower:  Players stack household items to build a tower, discovering daily electricity consumption through Socket Tower's collectible system.

  17. The Shady Story: Recycling: Players join Shady in a thrilling journey to clean up pollution while learning about recycling in an engaging way.

  18. Waste Wise: Players match objects to waste categories, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability with a focus on simplicity.

  19. Whaley’s Bins Waste Sorting: Players become eco-heroes, learning recycling through gameplay, earning achievements, and competing on online leaderboards.

  20. WildRun:  Players save animals, collect fruits, and clean up trash in an immersive adventure.

Moving forward, a panel of judges from Global Citizen, the UN's Playing for the Planet Alliance, Google Play, YouTube, and the Flutter community will select the top 10 finalists, announced in May 2024.

Starting April 22nd, everyone can vote for their favorite game to win the Community Choice Award. So, explore the project gallery, play the games and vote for your favorite to win. Your voice matters and helps to shape the future of eco-conscious gaming. Voting closes May 3rd.


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Gaming for Good: Top 20 Finalists Unveiled in The Global Gamers Challenge

By Global Citizen Staff