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10 Things Global Citizens Should Watch on Netflix in June

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Summer is here, and while that usually means more time to enjoy the great outdoors, Netflix is giving us a lot of reasons to stay inside instead.

But there’s no need to feel guilty about binge-watching — many of these shows are tackling issues related to race, gender, sexuality, and other causes that are important to Global Citizens.

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Here are our picks for a guilt-free streaming session:

June 1: "He Named Me Malala"

Now available on Netflix, this 2015 documentary highlights Malala Yousafzai’s journey to becoming one of our generation’s most powerful advocates for women and girls.

June 1: "Terms and Conditions May Apply"

As our inboxes continue to be flooded with the subject line “Privacy Policy Updates,” this 2013 documentary has never been more relevant. The film provides a deeper look at how governments and corporations use our online information and what privacy means in the digital age.

June 1: "The Boy"

Female-led and written, “The Boy” is a horror film that shows women are just as good at the genre as men.

June 2: "The King's Speech"

Still experiencing Royal Wedding fever? This 2011 Oscar-winning drama provides viewers with a deeper look into the history of the royal family by documenting the early days of King George VI’s reign.

June 3: "The Break with Michelle Wolf"

After making waves with her performance at the White House Correspondents’ dinner earlier this year, Michelle Wolf is back and better than ever. Wolf is an unapologetically female voice in an industry dominated by men, and she provides a much-needed weekly take on our daunting daily news cycle.

June 8: "Ali’s Wedding"

Based on the star actor’s own love story, this film follows Ali, a man who is set to choose between following through with an arranged marriage or being with the woman he loves.

June 15: "Queer Eye"

Celebrate Pride Month in style with the Fab Five, who are back with another whole season of heartwarming moments.

June 26: "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

Seasoned "Star Wars" fans and franchise newbies can all agree Rey is the heroine badass we all wish we could be.

June 26: "W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro"

The activist and comedian humorously tackles issues in current events through his comments on the Trump administration, racism in America, and woke TV.

June 29: "GLOW"

The scrappy girl gang of our dreams is returning with more hilarious and heartfelt adventures in the second season of the Netflix original series.