Dear Global Citizens,

For the first time in a generation we are seeing an increase of extreme poverty as a result of major world challenges like economic instability, rising inflation, the climate emergency, pandemic recovery and conflicts all over the world. Increasing inequality and climate change threaten to undo a generation’s progress of ending extreme poverty and the most vulnerable communities across the globe are the most impacted. Ending poverty at home and abroad requires working together.

The challenges the world is facing makes life for us all, including in the UK, less secure and more uncertain. We must act now to transform global systems so that we can unlock the potential of tomorrow by investing in the levers and policies needed for change TODAY.  

We need parliamentary decision makers and policy influencers like you to say yes to keeping the UK’s promises to the world's poorest.

The UK needs to restore its international development and climate leadership by seriously tackling the global challenges of the 21st century. The world has less than a decade to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, therefore it is imperative we act NOW – for the planet and for people at home and abroad. 

Join Global Citizen to call for support policies that will restore the UK’s international development leadership and ensure the UK keeps its promise towards the world's poorest and most vulnerable communities across the globe in the fight against extreme poverty, pandemics, hunger and climate change. 


Global Citizen 


Demand Equity

Global Citizens Are Calling on the UK to Restore Their International Aid Budgets